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  1. 04/13/2020 Safety and HR's Role in Combatting COVID-19: How to Work Together to Minimize Legal, Health and...
  2. 04/14/2020 Silica Exposure: Protecting Employees and Avoiding Citations
  3. 04/14/2020 Wage and Hour Reimbursement Issues: Practical Impact of DOL's Final Rule on Regular Rate of Pay
  4. 04/15/2020 COVID-19 and California Safety Compliance: Exposure Plans, PPE, and Protocols to Prevent the...
  5. 04/15/2020 COVID-19's Impact on Health Benefits: Critical Answers on Benefits and More
  6. 04/16/2020 Website Compliance for HR: How Employment and Other Laws Impact Obligations Concerning...
  7. 04/17/2020 Leading the Remote Team
  8. 04/17/2020 Layoffs, RIFs, Furloughs, and Other Cost-Cutting Measures: Legal Action Plans to Minimize...
  9. COVID-19 Paid & Unpaid Leave & Disability Accommodation Management in California 04/21/2020
  10. Paid Family & Sick Leave Amid COVID-19 Crisis: The New Families First Coronavirus Response Act... 04/22/2020
  11. Workplace Safety Recordkeeping Essentials in the COVID-19 Era 04/22/2020

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