21st Century Noncompetes: What's Changing and What HR Needs to Know

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 Why should HR know how to draft noncompetes, confidentiality agreements, and other similar contracts? Because after years of non-enforcement, the courts are now taking these agreements more seriously. Some employers are now using noncompetes to their advantage:

  • In June, a judge refused to dismiss a trade secrets suit filed by The Clorox Co. against S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. over Johnson’s hire of a former Clorox executive.
  • Dish Network Corp. was just granted an injunction to prevent a former manager from joining rival The DirecTV Group Inc.
  • In July, Philips Electronics North America Corp. was granted a preliminary injunction to keep a former employee from working for rival companies.
  • Hedge fund Citadel Investment Group LLC just sued three former employees, claiming that they violated noncompete agreements and misappropriated trade secrets when they began their own firm.

Learn how you can use noncompetes, confidentiality agreements, and other similar contracts to protect your organization's talent and trade secrets.