HR's ADA Obligations: Building Design Standards Compliance Explained

Listen Now!

You probably care a great deal about making sure your workplace is attractive for both employees and visitors. Whether you're making cosmetic changes to improve the appearance or adding internal elements for comfort or efficiency, you take pride in your building and everything in it. Unfortunately, new rules from the federal government could land you on the losing side of an ADA lawsuit.

Recently, the Department of Justice adopted revisions to the Standards for Accessible Design as well as modifications to the ADA's general nondiscrimination requirements that will have a significant impact on organizations large and small. These standards include reasonable accommodation measures for employers, penalties for non-compliance, and workplace barriers that must be removed.

As winter comes to a close, many organizations will direct their attention to maintenance and construction projects. If you plan on giving your facilities a spring face-lift -- from a simple coat of paint to all out construction -- it’s crucial for you to get up-to-date on the DOJ's latest building design standards so you can assure your organization is ADA-compliant.