Infographic: Clean Workplaces Are More Productive

HR Hero Line - Wed, 03/28/2018 - 03:00

How does the cleanliness of a work space affect workers? That’s a question that Cleaning Services Group recently tackled. The following infographic explores a correlation between cleaner offices and productivity. The post Infographic: Clean Workplaces Are More Productive appeared first on HR Daily Advisor.

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Spending Bill’s Tip-Pooling Provision Opens Options for Employers

HR Hero Line - Tue, 03/27/2018 - 11:57

Employers of tipped employees have new options under a provision of the $1.3 trillion spending bill President Donald Trump signed on March 23, but a final rule from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) concerning tip pooling is yet to come. Under provisions included in the spending bill, employers may require their tipped employees to contribute to a...

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The Blessing of March Madness

HR Hero Line - Tue, 03/27/2018 - 10:38

March Madness is back and we’ve had a bit more madness this year. We saw the first 16 seed topple a 1 seed when UMBC shocked Virginia. Virginia’s early exit seemed to turn the South Region upside down, with upsets coming fast and furious. Eventually, upstart 11-seed Loyola University of Chicago stepped from the carnage, made its way through the...

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How to Build a Successful Globally Distributed Business

HR Hero Line - Tue, 03/27/2018 - 05:00

Who doesn’t dream of being able to run their business while literally sitting under a palm tree watching the waves rolling in onto the soft, white sand? Or perhaps staring out the “office” window looking out over a magnificent forest setting? For some, it might just be the dream of running their business from a home office while the rest of...

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IRS Adjusts HSA Contribution Limit, Other Thresholds for 2018

HR Hero Line - Tue, 03/27/2018 - 04:40

The family contribution limit for a health savings account (HSA) for 2018 was reduced from $6,900 to $6,850 by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), along with adjustments made to other IRS thresholds to reflect the recent tax legislation. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed in December (Pub. L. 115-97) changed the method for calculating annual...

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Preventing ‘We Do’ from Becoming #Metoo

HR Hero Line - Tue, 03/27/2018 - 04:26

Recently, the #MeToo movement has sparked a vital dialogue about workplace sexual harassment. If you are an employer or HR professional, you should be paying attention and thinking about what steps you should take to protect your employees and your workplace. Romance in the Office In addition to the regular evaluation of your antiharassment...

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Stay Interviews: An Underutilized Tool for Reducing Turnover, Increasing Engagement

HR Hero Line - Tue, 03/27/2018 - 03:01

There is a saying in the outplacement business after any reduction in force that managers should “re-recruit” their employees by reminding them how valuable they are. Companies are particularly vulnerable at that time because employee turnover usually spikes. A tool to help re-recruit employees is the stay interview.  Stay interviews are...

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How Can HR Head Off the Opioid Crisis?

HR Hero Line - Tue, 03/27/2018 - 03:00

Yesterday we heard from Ian Cook, Head of Workforce Solutions at Visier Analytics, about handling the opioid solution in the workplace. Today we’ll look at some of his suggestions including fact based conversations and planning ahead. Step 2: Have fact-based conversations While the current spotlight on the opioid crisis in the media is raising...

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Leaders—Are They Born or Made?

HR Hero Line - Mon, 03/26/2018 - 10:11

This edition of The Oswald Letter is a guest post from Elizabeth Petersen, Project Director for Simplify Compliance. Source: LeeAnnWhite / iStock / Getty I was a smash-’em-up, full-contact sports kid, so when my son decided to join a swim team, I found myself in uncharted athletic territory. As I sat watching the team practice the other day, it...

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What to Include in Your Employee Engagement Checklist

HR Hero Line - Mon, 03/26/2018 - 05:00

Kevin Sheridan recently spoke as the Day 1 opening keynote for the 2018 HR Daily Advisor Annual Conference. In the keynote session, Sheridan focused on how to attract talented employees to the workplace, empower them, and sustain an environment in which they are more likely to stay.  Here, Sheridan provides a brief recap of the session and offers...

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New Vermont Pot Law: What Employers Need to Know

HR Hero Line - Mon, 03/26/2018 - 04:25

Soon, it will be legal in Vermont for people who are 21 or older to possess limited quantities of marijuana and marijuana plants. You may be wondering whether the new law affects your ability to enforce rules on smoking or the use of drugs in your workplace. Source: georgeclerk / E+ / Getty Images Plus In short, the answer is, nope. In crafting the...

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The Key to Engagement is Community: 6 Steps to Transform Your Workforce

HR Hero Line - Mon, 03/26/2018 - 03:47

A recent Gallup poll found that 70% of U.S. employees are disengaged at work. Worse, 18% of employees are actively disengaged, a mindset that can undermine teamwork and goals. Disengagement can take a toll on the workplace, customer relations, and profits. While countless sources offer magic bullets, there’s only one factor that truly results in...

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Bespoke Benefits: The Future of Employee Engagement

HR Hero Line - Mon, 03/26/2018 - 03:31

If you’ve ever lived in a small town or are over the age of 30, you’ll likely remember a time when your options for entertainment or products at the grocery store were limited. In today’s world, it’s all about bespoke, or personalization. No two people are alike and customizable preferences have become a way of life from a new pair of kicks...

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Opioid Crisis: What Is Needed Most from HR?

HR Hero Line - Mon, 03/26/2018 - 03:00

When it comes to dealing with opioid addiction in the workplace, it’s not always immediately clear what’s needed most from HR: Is it compassion? A dose of tough love? A strategic focus on the hard facts? However, when you start peeling back the layers of the issue, the answer emerges. Opioid abuse statistics are unavoidable, but they bear...

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Technology Gender Gap: Report Finds Only 10% of Tech Executives are Female

HR Hero Line - Fri, 03/23/2018 - 04:48

A new report—recently released Entelo, a recruiting automation platform that modernizes hiring—found staggering gaps between the numbers and roles of women in tech vs. men, gaps that were consistent across the country. Further, the data showed a 50% drop in representation from women when comparing entry-level to executive roles within the...

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Sex Sting Creates a Hornet’s Nest for South Dakota Employer

HR Hero Line - Fri, 03/23/2018 - 04:37

An employee was netted in a sex sting after he arranged for an escort while he was off duty. Instead of finding love, he found himself suspended from his job—and eventually terminated. Was the employee entitled to unemployment benefits? Employee Stung by ‘Love’ “Simon” began working as an applications analyst for Rapid City...

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Only 5% of Office Romances are Disclosed to HR, Finds New Survey

HR Hero Line - Fri, 03/23/2018 - 04:22

While some may feel that office romance is a taboo topic, 41% of employees have engaged in intimate coworker relationships, according to a new survey, released by Namely. The survey also uncovered that less than 5% of employees who engaged in an office romance confided in HR—even if company policy required formal disclosure. Namely’s Love @...

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Integrating Health and Safety into Wellness Programs Can Lead to Greater Employee Wellbeing

HR Hero Line - Fri, 03/23/2018 - 04:13

HR Daily Advisor recently reported that workplace wellness programs may be missing the mark and a new report from the Campbell Institute drives this point further home. cacaroot / iStock / Getty Images Plus While many organizations today are focused on wellbeing programs that tackle smoking cessation, weight loss, or nutrition—not bad programs in...

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Get the Most of Your Workforce by Modernizing Time Management

HR Hero Line - Fri, 03/23/2018 - 03:43

A 1,000-person business has a total of 2 million employee hours to use or waste. Companies tend to meticulously manage and optimize money, resources, and materials, but fail to similarly optimize and manage their time. To get the most out of their workforce, businesses need to find ways to optimize the processes surrounding their most valuable...

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Fringe Benefits Affected by the TCJA: Meals, Achievement Awards, and Other Expenses

HR Hero Line - Thu, 03/22/2018 - 04:55

The enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) on December 22, 2017, brought the most sweeping overhaul of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) since 1986. Most of the changes took effect January 1, 2018. In part one of this article, we discussed the TCJA’s impact on employer provided fringe benefits, in regard to transportation and moving...

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